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our studio spacer What is a Signage/Wayfinding Strategy?

Our experience in developing comprehensive wayfinding strategies will provide a contemporary signage system which is clear and concise. Our objective is to ensure that visitors and staff's journey through an environment are enhanced through the development of a intuitive signage package.

An integral part of developing a wayfinding signage strategy is consultation with architects, key stakeholders,interest groups and staff, whilst maintaining focus on the primary target audience through step by step approval processes. By doing so, will help procure the basis for effective signage outcome.
our studio spacer The information at this stage is critical, especially for an existing facility, gathering vital information, such as the study of movement around buildings by documenting both pedestrians and vehicular flow. For newer developments, using up-to-date floor and site plans and attending regular meetings on design progress will provide the framework of signage needs. Wayfinding Australia's commitment is to develop a wayfinding strategy and design which will be simple to use, regardless of ability or culture, and which will actively address change management needs of the facilities with minimal disruption or cost. The basis of the strategy will provide a system which is a living part of the day to day operations and provide a positive experience to any building or facility and to any visitor. our studio spacer Functional and effective wayfinding strategies provide the appropriate amount of information to a visitor at major or critical decision points along the anticipated plotted circulation path. our studio spacer
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