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our studio spacer What is the purpose a signage manual?
It is understood that Signage Technical Manuals are by nature a living document, hence providing opportunities to undertake and develop additional sign types based on the provided templates found on the pages of the manual or attached compact disc issued with the released of the package.

The purpose of any signage manual is to encourage and provide specific guidance to architects, building designers, project managers, building surveyors, venue managers and sign installers by providing guidelines, technical information and visual elements as a model to the planning of a comprehensive sign program to be issued for procurement and manufacture of different signage types. The manual also will reflect, reinforce and give support to the development of the distinct corporate visual identity.
our studio spacer Wayfinding Australia will give careful consideration to ensure its effectiveness and enhancement is maintained, protecting the core values of the project and adhering to strict Australian design and construction standards and codes. The samples shown are taken from a selection of recent signage manuals which can vary from a simple 20 page document to hundreds of pages depending on the scope of the project.

The final manual may include (but is not limited to) the following signage designs:

  • Property Arrival Signage
  • (Vehicular and Pedestrian)
  • Hierarchy will include 3 of each type
  • Building Facade and Awning signage
  • External Directional Signage & Wayfinding Maps
  • Car Parking & Arrival Signage
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  • Directory Boards
  • Main, Secondary and Floor type
  • Internal Directional Signage
        (overhead, wall and corner wall mounted)
  • Destination Signage
  • Room Signage
  • Facility Signage
  • Statutory Signage
  • Flag Signage
  • Safety and Prohibition Signage
  • General Administrative Signage
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