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our studio spacer Each signage design project is approached differently from project to project and environment to environment. Every project takes the same relative steps within the design process as used on previous signage projects, developing the schematic design, exploring the unique design options, but always referencing the wayfinding strategy established in the planning stages, inevitably to end up with unique visual expression of the design concepts.

Wayfinding Australia's approach to the design process and development of the signage system is articulated in the attention to detail, such as typography and layout, wayfinding symbols, maps, colour technology, overview of materials and identifying the different types of signage, thus delivering a well conceived wayfinding solution and signage package.
our studio spacer With the introduction of electronic media, global posting system and wireless technology, Wayfinding Australia's sees the long term investment an integral part of this dynamic media by incorporating specific wayfinding options into the wayfinding strategy.

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