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Why conduct a signage audit?
Undertaking a signage and/or access audits and report are a fundamental part of most wayfinding strategies and analysis providing a evaluation tool determining all sign types and addressing problematic signage not consistent with the current design intent. Depending on the site assessment, the goals of the signage program and who will be accessing the report will depend on the scale, complexity and choice of the audit documentation.

Wayfinding Australia can provide two types of audit documentation, a holistic site overview and audit, identifying existing cognitive markers and planned wayfinding identifiers, as well as workshopping existing strategies to produce a design and movement study for application to the developed design and wayfinding strategy or provide a detailed audit of all
our studio spacer existing building and precinct signage which will include a full schedule and plan locations of directional and information signage, and a case management study of wear and deliberate damage to all signage detailed in our report. Information from either audit will be then used to fully develop the wayfinding strategy.

Assessment - Including audit of all existing wayfinding signage types (not sign by sign audit), recording of all precinct related vehicular journey and all pedestrian journey. Record all memory markers.

Report - Tabulate all major wayfinding elements, memory markers, locations. Recommendations and Executive Summary.

Planning - Document proposed wayfinding journey plan, showing key decision points, memory markers and major destinations.
our studio spacer Provide indicative sign locations on site plan/building plans (to be provided by client in electronic format (CAD or PDF)). In addition identify signs which may require power and/or data connections for comment from client. our studio spacer
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