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Our Studio Melanie Richmond
Associate Access Consultant
(B Occ Thy)

Occupational Therapist
Access Consultant
Project Management

“With a core philosophy of ensuring inclusivity when developing cutting edge and effective Wayfinding designs,
we can create outstanding wayfinding solutions that are both unique and socially responsible.”

About Wayfinding Australia career
Mel Richmond is an Associate Access Consultant located in Brisbane, and has been practicing with Wayfinding Australia since March 2008. Following the completion of her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Queensland, Mel worked for many years in various clinical caseloads as an Occupational Therapist. From this invaluable experience Mel brings to our team a wealth practical knowledge regarding the unique functional needs of individuals with ranging physical, cognitive and psychological abilities and the implications of these to urban design.
About Wayfinding Australia These skills help to give Wayfinding Australia an edge when developing unique solutions to the many challenges functional and equitable urban design can present.

About Wayfinding Australia
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