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our studio spacer What is Master planning?

Master Planning is an options analysis which establishes the overall intent, use and ground rules for the development and construction of all new major construction of public spaces including hospitals, airports, transport systems, educational institutions, town centres, sporting venues, recreational facilities and neighbourhoods. As wayfinding design encompasses our sprawling communities and grows as a profession, its now becoming Increasingly important to involve the wayfinding project team at the initial master planning stage. This way, Wayfinding Australia can identify environmental, design and budgetary issues offering decisions that are thoroughly researched and analysed by proposing a strategy for the wayfinding system to achieve the initial design intent.

our studio spacer Question. Do you or your clients get lost in or on the way to your business space?

Answer. Good wayfinding design starts with planning, revolves around understanding the needs of the client, and requires a design being delivered which is simple, engaging and explains the environment being addressed.

Our questions to you:

1. Where does the journey plan to your business begin?
2. Have your got this covered?
3. Are staff/clients late?
4. Do people comment that you are difficult to find?
5. What about people with different abilities?
6. Do people get lost? Why?
7. Does your wayfinding system cost you money or
    make you money?
8. Are your competitors doing this better than you?
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