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Managing Director
(ACAA AAIBS) Member of the SEGD

Project Management
Access Consultant
Concept Development
Environmental Signage

“Our role, as a leader in our field, is to take difficult and often complex environments, and to solve spatial orientation problems for each person, regardless of their ability, through seamlessly engaging all of our human senses. Put simply, our designs are multisensory, intuitive, stimulating and yet very simple."

About Wayfinding Australia career
Bryce Tolliday is the Managing Director of Wayfinding Australia and an Access Consultant, fully accredited by the Association of Consultant in Access Australia Inc. (ACAA). He has extensive experience in accessible wayfinding projects as well as participating in a number of collaborative research projects such as the CRC Construction Innovation Research Project ‘Wayfinding in the Built Environment’. The current BCA Specification D3.6 was based on an earlier collaborative he was involved with which was published in Australia as Good Sign Practices© back in 1998.
About Wayfinding Australia He has a personal interest in wayfinding for people with diminished sensory abilities, having participated in research along with specialist organisations like Blind Citizens Australia, Guide Dogs and the Association for the Blind. Bryce has over 30 years experience in the construction industry in various roles in Australia and internationally.

About Wayfinding Australia
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