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our studio spacer Successful wayfinding and accessible wayfinding projects rely on effective communication, by developing an environment which offers and delivers a system whereby applying the four main elements, those being: architectural, graphic, audible, and tactile communication, such as text and navigational maps.

Changes to the Disability Discrimination Act in 2009 now places increased importance on ensuring wayfinding strategies and designs do not disadvantage people because they have a disability.

The benefit in choosing Wayfinding Australia for your next project, is the fact we have extensive experience in accessible wayfinding projects as well as participating in a number of collaborative research projects such as the CRC Construction Innovation Research Project ‘Wayfinding in the Built Environment’.
our studio spacer The current BCA Specification D3.6 was based on an earlier collaborative Bryce Tolliday (Managing Director) was involved, which was published in Australia as Good Sign Practices© back in 1998.

Good Sign Practices©
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